Curriculum Vitae: 6 easy ways to create a stunning CV


Be creative. Your CV cannot stand you out if it is similar with every other ones.

There is a fierce competition in the labour market. And the fierceness of that competition cannot be properly explained. Owing to this truth, there is now an urgent need for you to have a curriculum vitae (CV) that is capable of standing out.

How to create a stunning CV?

1. Be careful and clear

Always use bold and italic typefaces for headings and important information whenever you chose to create a CV.

The contained information should not be too cramped, but that doesn’t mean there should be room for large empty spaces.

2. Be creative

There is no one rule to creating a CV. As a matter of fact, what can be said to be the norm is simply an idea of someone.

It is your CV. Find creative a way to compel attention with it. Your CV cannot stand you out if it is similar with every other ones.


3. Be positive and honest

Portray confidence by highlighting your strong points. Include grades with outstanding performance and leave out the ones you know you are proud of.

Be honest in your information. Your information should never be inaccurate or misleading.

4. Know the sweet spot

Experts have said that there is a spot in the CV which seems to be the focal point. It is the area employers tend to pay most attention to: and this is typically around the upper middle of the first page.

So, with this in mind, ensure to contain that area with information that is both essential and convincing.

5. Be concise

Good business communications tend to be short and precise. Always straight to the point. The creativity in your CV formation should emulate this.

A CV should be seen as an appetizer and not the meal. Under no circumstances should there be room for indigestion.

The longer and dense your CV is, the harder it is for an employer to comprehend your achievements. And when this happens, it becomes very easy for your CV to be discarded.

Remember this and prevent it.

6. Make use of internet tools

There are a good number of internet tools that will make your CV much simpler and attractive. Amongst them are:

  • CV Maker

  • My perfect resume

  • Kickresume


  • Doyoubuzz


  • Online Cv Generator

  • LiveCareer

  • Resunate

  • Jobspice



What are the common mistakes people make when creating a CV?

One survey of employers found the following mistakes were most common

  1. Spelling and grammar 56% of employers found this

  2. Not tailored to the job 21%

  3. Length not right & poor work history 16%

  4. Poor format and no use of bullets 11%

  5. No accomplishments 9%

  6. Contact & email problems 8%

  7. Objective/profile was too vague 5%

  8. Lying 2%

  9. Having a photo 1%

  10. Listing personal hobbies and using abbreviations 3%

In conclusion, I would want to state here that 76% of CVs with unprofessional email addresses are ignored. And the validity of this statement is based on survey.

Here are examples of email addresses you should REFRAIN from using






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