Max Weber – “Bless Me”

Bless Me is a song by Max Weber which translates into a prayer for mercy and favour from God, whom the artiste addresses by his name, Jehovah.In the track Bless Me, which can be likened to an Afro-pop version of a Psalm, Max Weber remembers his past hustle and thanks God for bringing him to where he is now, while asking for blessings and favour to get to where he desires to be in his career and life.

The language of the song is quite  direct and straight forward even though it was delivered in a fusion of English sporadically interlaced with his native Efik dialect. However the clincher that makes Bless Me a favourite both in clubs and in church is its soukous-type precursive beat which was produced and mixed by the gifted Nigerian producer, Bennie Sam.

Listen, drop comment download, share and enjoy.

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Max Weber – “Bless Me” 

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