Muslim groups call for Federal and State governments to make the first day of the Islamic calendar a public holiday

The Muslim Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria (MMPN), Obafemi Awolowo University Muslim Graduates Association (UNIFEMGA) and Muslim Community of Oyo state (MUSCOYS) National Council of Muslim Youths Organisations (NACOMYO), Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) and Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) have all called on federal and state governments to declare Muharram 1, the first day of the Islamic Hijrah Calendar 1438 A.H, a public holiday.
In separate statements issued to mark the Islamic new year, the groups said such a move is only fair and will give Muslims in the country a sense of belonging.

They said it was long overdue and called on the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs to enter into dialogue with the Nigerian Government on the issue.

Source: Vanguard
This post first appeared on Linda Ikeji’s Blog. Read the original story here. posted by ConnectMe posted by ConnectMe


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