It takes a real boss to stay loyal to one woman..I toast my wife everyday – IK Ogbonna

Actor Ik Ogbonna wants men to keep having fun with their wives ,the way they did before marriage .He also says being a real boss is by being faithful .He wrote alongside a picture of his wife ,Sonia

Who ever said you can’t have fun with ur wife, lied .When u were toasting her and trying to win her,you used to take her everywhere and you felt like the man and now she married you and she is all yours you feel like u are man enough if she sit her ass at home while u out having fun (with other women that are possibly not as half of a woman she is).Bruv your woman is not just the gift you give  yourself but a gift from God. A blessing. Everybody can cheat,it’s easy. Now it takes a real boss to stay loyal and commitment to one woman only. Toast her everyday.I toast my wife everyday and you know what? It feels so good. Hello sweets 😍 @sonialareinaa#bittertruth
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