Samsung could be chucking 6GB of RAM into a mid-range phone

Samsung could be chucking 6GB of RAM into a mid-range phone

You might think the 4GB of RAM found in most of this year’s flagship phones is plenty, but Samsung seemingly disagrees, as the upcoming Galaxy C9 has twice been benchmarked with 6GB of RAM… and it isn’t even a high-end handset.

In and of itself the Samsung Galaxy C9 isn’t of much interest, as it probably won’t be released in the west (although it is still an insane amount of power that can’t really be used).

But the presence of 6GB of RAM in a mid-range Samsung phone strongly suggests we’ll see at least that much in the Samsung Galaxy S8, since it would be unusual for a mid-ranger to out-spec a flagship in any sense.

Stuck in the middle

Of course the C9’s specs haven’t been officially confirmed yet, but with listings on both Geekbench (spotted by Tech Updates) and AnTuTu (noticed by Playfuldroid) pointing to 6GB of RAM there’s a good chance it really will have that much.

The rest of the specs, which include a 5.7-inch 1080p screen, a Snapdragon 652 processor and 16MP cameras on both the front and back, are firmly in upper mid-range territory, and are unlikely to match up with anything we’ll see on Samsung’s flagships.

But with 6GB of RAM having previously been rumored for the Galaxy S8 this latest leak makes it look ever more likely – as long as it turns out to be true.

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Source: TechRadar
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